The Falling Ball

You’ve heard to “play a rising ball,” or at least one at the top of its trajectory. It stresses your opponent accelerating the pace of play. 

One of the few plays that is an exception to this rule of thumb is fielding of the lob, which is a falling ball. Hit as a redirected motion and back into the lofty air, it is the easiest and most productive shot as players learning the the lob realize. 

It’s almost impossible to hit a high overhead backhand with any authority, let alone lob it into the opponent’s empty backhand court. Intermediate players develop the swat shot and do so with great success, but that is an advanced skill in tennis and even they cannot dependably lob from that position.

Recoiled knees, a rising racket up from the ankles, and follow through lofts the FALLING BALL as a lob.


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